"Helping hands in a Loving Tradition"

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If you're looking for a long arm quilting machine please go to the contact section and contact us  and we will supply you with any information you desire.  We can set up a demonstration so you can try one "Hands On"!



Click Here for the List of winners at the 2011 Quilt Expo in Madison, WI

***************NEW ITEM**************

Gammill Classic and Classic Plus front mount Laser Brackets now availiable, Go the shop/ Long arm accessories section for more info!!

Award Winning Quilting

All the quilts our customers entered into fairs and shows this last year placed 1st or Grand Champion!!! Thanx for the business!! We love what we do!! Dave & Jane

Mail Long Arm Service:

Long Arm Quilting  through the mail  has been great. We offer quick turn around time and we get to meet many quilters (or at least their quilts) from all over the U.S.A.!!  So many beautiful quilts!!!!!

Economy Patterns!

Please contact us about our economy quilt service, some all over designs that are very reasonably priced for those who wish to keep it simple. (Examples to be posted shortly.)

New Items:

The Sideview panels that fit all current APQS Machine models are here--check out the longarm supplies section for more info. 

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Check out our Pet Urns.  They are all hand crafted.  When our beloved Border Collie, Blaze lost her battle with cancer, we knew we wanted something special for her.  Dave went out to his lathe and created a wooden masterpiece.  The top is recessed for a picture to be placed.  The pictures do not do them justice.  They are in the shop section as well.  

See our gallery of quilts at The Stark Street Professional Building, 169 Stark Street Randolph, WI.  

Welcome to Country Quilts and Crafts located near Randolph, Wisconsin .  We've made our dream come true and are now offering professional  long arm quilting to complete and compliment  your lovingly pieced quilt top.  We are dedicated to our art as a full time business.   Therefore we make sure you are satisfied and can offer a faster turn around time - we can have your quilt back to you in weeks, rather than months. 

We feature the American Professional Quilting System (APQS) Millennium with the Compuquilter system.  The APQS tension design allows the flexibility to use a wide selection of threads, including metallic thread for your art or specialty quilts. The computer robotics allows for consistent designs.  We have a large selection available from many designers, as well as our own unique designs and motifs.

Long Arm quilting is always an ongoing learning adventure.  Dave has continued to take classes.  He has mastered many new techniques.  Many of our clients quilts have received Blue and Purple ribbons at the local fairs.  Two have received "Best of Show"!!!

Along with our quilting designs, we have a line of handmade, quality wooden quilt hangers and racks, rulers holders and wooden pressing irons for paper piecing.

It is an honor to be able to complete your work of love and art. To be apart of an universal art form that expresses love and can be handed down for generations.